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Throw A Beautiful Baby Shower With These Essential Tips

Having a baby is one of the most extraordinary experiences in your life. While pregnancy is never easy, it gives you nine months to prepare for the arrival of your new baby. Your baby will need a lot of nappies, creams, clothes and bedding. It can be very expensive. Thankfully baby showers give your friends and relatives a chance to pitch in and welcome your little one into the world with a helpful gift.

throw a beautiful baby shower

Baby showers are lovely little parties thrown for the mum-to-be by her friends. Usually, only female friends are invited and it’s a great time to catch up on all the girly gossip too. Some baby showers are thrown after the baby is born, so the gender of the baby is definitely known. Not all gifts have to be for the baby. New mums need a lot of things too. Clothing for nursing, baby carrier and how-to books are quite popular ideas.

A successful baby shower has a good guest list and plenty of tea and cakes! Sometimes it’s easier to do in the evening after everyone has finished work. Some guests might prefer to order a baby hamper & gift delivery if they can’t make it to the baby shower. Gifts of furniture are better ordered for delivery at a more convenient time too.

Most baby showers are held at the home of the mum-to-be. Whether it’s a home reception or you hire a venue, it can be nice to decorate the venue. Streamers, balloons and garlands can help create the right mood. If you are all seated for dining, table decorations are essential. You might choose to have some table confetti or center pieces. Beautiful table linen draped over the tables can look gorgeous.

Any baby shower venue can look incredible with the right lighting. Lots of people opt for the soft lighting of fairy lights. You can also have tea lights and candles at the table. If you know the gender of the baby, you can use floral arrangements in the correct colours. Small cupcakes with icing in pink or blue are also a nice touch.

Some mums-to-be are very nervous and emotional about the impending arrival. Additionally, if there are health concerns, you may prefer to wait until after the birth to throw the baby shower. Some cultures prefer this order of events too. Etiquette is often observed at baby showers. Men tend not to attend because of the sensitive nature of conversations.

There may be lots of chatter about giving birth and some of the less pleasant sides of becoming a new mum. This can be terrifying for a new mum, so know when A baby shower is a great opportunity for everyone to offer advice and wisdom from experience. This doesn’t mean non-parents can’t join in. Instead, ask the questions, and see if you can offer some babysitting assistance.

A baby shower should be a relaxed and positive event. There will be nerves and differences of opinions. Taking care of the mum-to-be should be everyone’s priority. Enjoy this special moment in her life.

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  1. Emma
    Emma says:

    For my baby shower our friends threw a surprise gender reveal party setup with my husband. It was such a memorable moment in my life and something I will never forget. We are having a girl!! I am so excited and can’t wait to check out your wonderful clothes Aster & Oak


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