perfect gifts to give a new mum

Perfect Gifts to Give a New Mum

If you have a new mum in your life, giving her a thoughtful gift is a really nice idea. She’ll be all over the place at the moment. New mums don’t get much sleep, and their emotions are usually all over the place. Regardless of how well they are coping, it’s always nice to know that people are thinking of you and they care. The following gifts are perfect to give to a new mum!

A Hamper of Baby Essentials

A hamper of baby essentials will never go amiss with a new mum. Chances are they’ve stocked up anyway, but buying them a few more baby essentials won’t hurt. It’ll save them money and they’ll have a huge stash of things on hand for when they need it. You could buy a ready made hamper, or put a hamper together on your own. You can include things like wipes, diapers, dummies, bibs, baby clothes and similar items. Babies get through these like there’s no tomorrow! Just pay special attention to the size of some items, as babies grow fast and you don’t want your gift to go to waste.

perfect gifts to give a new mum

Pre-prepared Food

Pre-prepared food is a very thoughtful gift. Just think of how tired the new mum and dad are? Plus, it probably won’t be long until the new father goes back to work. New parents struggle to find time to cook for themselves, and will probably end up grabbing something unhealthy. To keep them healthy and full, make some nice meals for them in advance that they can freeze. Then all they need to do is grab one and microwave it! Make sure you know if they have any allergies or dislikes before cooking, and you can begin making food in batches. It might not be a pretty gift, but it’ll be appreciated!

Pamper Items

New mums won’t have much time to pamper themselves right away. However, there will come a time when they long to have the luxurious baths and treatments that they once enjoyed. You could consider giving them a foot spa, or even a voucher to go to a salon. It’s important they have time to themselves occasionally, so this gift could help them to do just that.


If you want to give them something pretty to show them you’re thinking of them, you can’t go wrong with a big bunch of flowers! Get in touch with a florist to see what kind of flowers they recommend for new mums. Different flowers can have different meanings, and of course you have a budget to consider.

Helpful Books

If you’re a mum yourself and have books that have helped you, then why not gift them to this new mum? Tell her which parts you found really helped you or mark pages with sticky note or highlighters. You never know, you might give her one of the best gifts she’s ever received!

Give these gifts to a new mum and she’ll really appreciate the thought. Let them know that you’re thinking of them at one of the most important times in their life!


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