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New Mums: How to Stay Comfortable After Baby

When you’ve had a baby, it can be difficult to feel comfortable in yourself. I mean, a lot has changed. You’ve just become a parent. Your body has changed shape. You’ll feel all kinds of emotional! This post will give you some valuable tips to ensure you feel comfortable after baby.

Don’t Focus on Your Body Yet
You’ve just grown a little human inside of you. For months, this life has expanded and grown, as have you. It doesn’t make sense to focus on your body immediately after giving birth! Of course it’s going to look different. Of course it’s going to feel strange. You don’t need to worry about that right now. All you need to think about is taking care of your new baby and easing yourself into parenthood. Spending too much time focusing on your body can be dangerous. Cut yourself some slack – you’ve been through a lot!

Wear Clothes You Like
Instead of covering up in baggy old clothes, wear clothes you like. You might not feel like you want to at first, but you’ll feel better for it. Everybody feels better when they wear clothes they like, it’s a fact. This doesn’t mean you need to go ahead and wear tight clothing or something that might not look right on you now you’ve had a baby. You may need to alter your style a tiny bit. Just make sure you’re not hiding under baggy clothes and your clothes are making you feel good. Even wearing nice pyjamas can help you to feel good!

Wear Quality Underwear
Quality underwear is the key to feeling comfortable after baby. Bonds maternity underwear is great for before and after your baby. Many people continue to wear maternity underwear for a while after they’ve given birth. I couldn’t think of anything worse than wearing barely there underwear after having a baby! Just make sure you can’t see the underwear under the clothes you’re wearing – a huge fashion faux pas.

Don’t Use it as an Excuse to Eat Everything in Sight
Some ladies use being pregnant to eat everything they can get their hands on. Some ladies use having just had a baby to eat everything in sight. It can be tempting, as life has drastically changed and it’s easy to grab junk. Try to keep it to a minimum! When it comes to losing any baby weight you’ve put on, you’ll make it harder for yourself in the long run. Junk food might make you feel good in the short term, but you’ll likely regret it in the long term. Fill up on lots of healthy meals and snacks and you’ll look/feel so much better in yourself. Create healthy habits that you can teach your child later on down the line!

Use these tips and you’ll feel so much more comfortable after you’ve had your baby. When you’ve settled into parenthood and your doctor gives you the go ahead, you can also begin exercising if you wish. Enjoy your new baby!

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