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Why buy organic cotton baby clothing? What are the benefits of organic clothing. Why buy organic baby clothes. Is buying organic clothing better for your baby? Read our comprehensive articles on organic cotton, the facts on organic cotton, organic buying guide and much more! Learn all about buying organic baby clothing for your newborn child. The health benefits of buying organic cotton for your little one are huge!! If bub suffers eczema or any other skin conditions, organic cotton can help as it is breathable, soft, less irritable and contains no harmful chemicals or pesticides like the normal shops and chain stores carry. If you have ever thought of buying organic baby clothing for your children, i would highly recommend trying it! You wont regret it! We now have a heap of awesome stockists so there is no better time to try Aster & Oak.

Interview With Sian From Bubble & Bee | Meet The Mumma

Welcome to our new blog series; Meet The Mumma! Today I’m excited to share an interview with a fellow Australian creative: Sian – the brains and hands behind Bubble & Bee. A woman of many talents, Sian works with a local artist to create her gorgeous baby play mats. Stay tuned for the bottom of this post where you could WIN a baby bundle worth $200 including one of Sian’s Play Mats!

  1. Bubble & BeeThanks for chatting with us today, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your family? My name is Sian. I’m from Adelaide and I am the owner and creator of Bubble and Bee. I am married with two beautiful, cheeky boys aged 2 and 5 years old.
  2. What do you create and what makes it unique? I have created a range of baby play mats that are huge in size and vibrant and colourful. They have a unique design feature which is removable soft edges to prevent a wriggly baby rolling straight off. I worked with a local Adelaide artist to create a range of gorgeous images.
  3. Is your product entirely handmade? No, I had my product manufactured.
  4. You have several different illustrations on your mats. Where do you get inspiration for the designs from? My artist was fantastic! I had some ideas in my head of what themes I wanted to create and the look of the animals and colours I wanted and she went off and created.  I wanted images that were different from anything already on the market. I wanted cute, colourful, vibrant and engaging. They were perfect, just as I had imagined in my head.
  1. How would you like to see your business grow in the future? I want to see my play mats in more Australian homes. I love receiving photos from my customers with their beautiful babies posing on their new play mat and hearing amazing feedback about how fantastic the soft foam edges are for parents piece of mind.
  2. If you had $20k to spend on one area of your business, what would it be? Marketing! It is a hard industry to break into with so many amazing brands with huge amounts of marketing dollars!
  3. What do you struggle with most in your business? Getting my brand out there. As a start up I have a limited budget which makes it hard to be consistent with my advertising.
  4. How do you see your business growing in the next few years? Would you like to expand? If so, how? I would absolutely love to see my business grow in the future. Being able to spend more time on my business and less time working for someone else does sound amazing!
  5. Thanks again Sian, Any last words you would like to share with our readers? Thanks for your time and support in growing my new brand.


WIN a baby bundle worth $200



Want to WIN a Bubble and Bee Play Mat and Aster & Oak Clothing Bundle valued at $200?

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$200 Baby Bundle Giveaway 

Bubble and Bee® baby play mats are designed and created by an Adelaide mum. These beautiful children’s play mats create a safe, stimulating space for babies to giggle, play, roll and explore. Stunning artistic pieces designed for children with rich colours and happy details that also make a beautiful addition to any home. Soft foam edges velcro into place around the edge of the washable fabric mat to create a frame for the stunning artistic design. Plus, they encourage your little roller to stay close to the friendly bunnies, ants, snakes, spiders, and snails! Find out more here –


Shop Small Christmas Guide 2018

We are super excited to bring you a list of the Shop Small Christmas Guide 2018! This year we decided to put together a lovely list of gift guides featuring hundreds and hundreds of brands and stores that have a beautiful range of unique gifts, ideas & discounts! All designed to help you live, celebrate, and give more mindfully this festive season.

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How We Create A New Season Collection + $150 Store Credit Giveaway

Its been a while since i updated this blog with a journal type entry, so here goes..

Summer 18, what a season it has been so far! We are not even into the warmer Summer months yet and we have sold out of so many sizes and styles from the collection! You guys are absolutely loving it, which brings pure joy to my heart. When creating each season, you never know if it will be hit or miss, but i think this season has honestly been your fave so far! You can view our new collection here – Into The Wild.

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Create A Modern and Minimalist Nursery for Your Baby

As much as the modern lifestyle revolves around fashion trends, it also focuses on practicality. Have this in mind when considering decor for your baby’s nursery. First things first, a room filled with toys can wait. You now need to focus on the basics and achieving serenity.

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Organic on a Budget: How to pull it off like a Pro

Altering your food habits and switching to organic food is a smart and healthy option as well as a great way to start the New Year fresh. If you were thinking about a lifestyle change for a while now but you were hesitating because of your budget, well, here are some tips on how to become a pro-organic foodie without breaking the bank while being Eco-friendly.

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Click Frenzy 2017

Only 2 days to go till Click Frenzy 2017 – Starting on Tuesday 14th November 2017 at 7PM (AEDT). We are so excited to be offering 20% off our entire store (including SALE items) for 24 hours only! To claim your discount all you need to do is add the coupon code FRENZY at checkout. See below for our other click frenzy deals!

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ENCHANTED Drop 1 Launching this Friday

DROP 1 of Aster & Oak’s new ENCHANTED Collection due for release 24.03.17

With sprawling meadows and a refreshingly vibrant colour palette, the all-season release from West Australian Label Aster & Oak has the children’s clothing market covered this season.

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Aster & Oak – Welcome to our spanking new Blog!

Aster & Oak has kicked off to a momentous start, and we hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our new website as much as we’ve enjoyed working on its development behind the scenes. We will soon have stock available of some truly gorgeous organic pieces that have all been road-tested and refined to perfection.

We’re parents ourselves so we understand the intricacies of dressing busy little people on the go which is truly reflected in our new collection. Brimming with the latest in style, each piece is adorned in a unique playful and whimsical pattern and most importantly is designed to be completely parent friendly (practical and easy to change little tooshies quickly!).

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