Cozy Nook Ideas Mums Will Want in Their Home

Cozy Nook Ideas Mums Will Want in Their Home

Having a day off you can spend relaxing, not thinking about anything important and leaving all your worries behind is a privilege not everyone has in this crazy and fast-paced world. And even if you have the time, you might not always have the space where to enjoy your moment of freedom. That’s why every home needs a nook or two because this is your own private and secluded area where you can recuperate after a long day and spend some time reading or daydreaming. So, if you too have always wished such a nook, here’s how you can create it at your home quickly and efficiently.

Under the stairs

Yes, this may seem like a setup from Harry Potter books and movies, but the truth is that creating a nook under the stairs is one of the most sensible and easiest ways to provide yourself with some privacy.

And the best thing about it is that you can do everything on your own – from clearing the space under the stairs, covering it with a new layer of paint, insulating it and installing a comfortable bench where you can spend hours and hours not doing anything at all! This is the perfect place for reading, especially since it’s so secluded and quiet, and these are the two things every book lover out there appreciates!

In a closet

This is another unusual idea, especially to all those home interior puritans who can’t imagine using their closets for anything else other than keeping their clothes. Luckily, most of the modern closets are much more spacious than they were just a couple of decades ago, so you can really make the most of them and turn them into multi-functional spaces every member of the family can enjoy.

All you have to do is add a small bench, include a bunch of throw pillows and a blanket, and curl up with your favorite book or even your laptop. The greatest thing about this nook is that you can close the closet door if you want and take a nap without anyone noticing.

In the backyard

Not everyone is blessed with a chance to live in a huge house and own a backyard, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who are, you simply have to utilize every inch of space in your outside area. This doesn’t just mean furnishing and decorating your patio so that you can use it every day of the week but also adding a small nook next to it.

Again, creating such a space doesn’t have to be too hard: a cozy and spacious bench is all you need because you’re already surrounded by nature and that’s the best decor you could ask for. Additionally, you should take care of your lawn and think about a new layout, but be sure to talk to professionals who can recommend the perfect one.


Outdoor Nook


In the attic

This is another space not everyone has in their home, especially if you live in a residential building, but if you do have an attic, you’d better make something of it. Instead of turning it into a huge storage area for all your unwanted possessions, you can redecorate it and give it a new purpose.

Designing an extra bedroom with a nook in your attic might not be the easiest job in the world, but it’s still going to mean a lot to your entire family and became really useful when you have friends or relatives sleeping at your place. There are lots of variations you can explore and a bunch of ideas you might try incorporating into your attic nook, so creating an area for reading, sleeping, relaxing and hanging out actually isn’t as hard as it seems.

There are a few more spaces you can investigate when creating a nook in your home – from your living room and kitchen to your basement and the corner of your bedroom – and it all depends on what you consider to be cozy, relaxing and enjoyable. Whichever idea you pick, you’ll surely design an amazing nook, so start doing it today!

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– Emma B. Joyce is blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her traveling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration.

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