Create Modern and Minimalist Nursery for Your Baby

Create A Modern and Minimalist Nursery for Your Baby

As much as the modern lifestyle revolves around fashion trends, it also focuses on practicality. Have this in mind when considering decor for your baby’s nursery. First things first, a room filled with toys can wait. You now need to focus on the basics and achieving serenity.

The furniture

An infant needs a place to sleep, a place for changing diapers and somewhere to store their belongings. Since all of this, apart from the sleeping, will be done by you, you need to find a way of organizing it so it suits you best. Using multi-purpose furniture is one way of getting about this.

The nursery needs a crib, a chair, a dresser and a changing table. Using a convertible crib could cover for most of it. You can get a crib with drawers underneath and a changer placed on a chest of drawers on a side, all in one. Once your child grows up, you can turn this into a bed with drawers and a nightstand. Very practical and highly functional.

The chair should be very comfortable as you will not only use it to sit by your baby’s side but also for nursing.

Create Modern and Minimalist Nursery for Your Baby

The storage

We have already touched upon certain storage solutions by mentioning under crib drawers and dressers. Smart storage ideas are one of the traits of modern decor styles.  You can use decorative baskets on straight simple shelves, under the changing table, or the crib if you do not have drawers there. Make sure you always have a drawer or a shelf handy next to the changer, for diapers and baby’s toiletries.

Simplicity of style

If you are striving to achieve a modern look for your baby’s nursery, you need to focus on geometry and simple lines. You can put an accent on architectural features of the room. Use contrast where possible. Apart from the color, this also refers to contrasting scales, combining light pieces of furniture with large pieces. Clustering a number of tiny picture frames around several large ones, or playing with a number of different-sized polka dots are also some of the ways of achieving this.

Add a spark

Create Modern and Minimalist Nursery for Your Baby 2

When choosing light fixtures, you need to pay attention to the fact that there will be times when you will need a lot of light, and others when you will need just enough light to barely make out the objects in the room. Another thing which could shine in your baby’s room is a mirror. You can create wall art with the use of tiny mirror fragments and metallic surfaces.

Manipulate the light

Most modern homes do not save on windows and neither should yours. The nursery should get a lot of daylight, but similarly to the fixtures, you need to be able to manipulate it perfectly. You can install external window awnings or blinds as they can make dosing sunlight easier than curtains. They block about 80% of light and heat during summer months. You can also add curtains for double protection and aesthetics.

The colors

Nursery paint colours

Using the psychology of colors, people have come up with color patterns perfect for a nursery. You can combine this with drama imposed by modern trends and carefully use accents and contrasts. Whichever color scheme you use, make sure that it is not too stimulating for your infant as you need them to be able to relax. Babies enjoy contrasts but aggressive setups could make them overstimulated.

An excellent thing about a modern nursery is that it can fit space of any size. The several tips are only meant to steer you on the right path. They are not hard to follow as long as you think about achieving simplicity and a little drama.

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