Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby

The younger your child is, the more time they spend sleeping.  Newborns can sleep up to 18 and infants about 15 hours a day, and since sleep is crucial for your baby’s mental and physical development, you should do your best to make the space where your baby sleeps or naps comfortable and healthy. Here are some tips on how to achieve this.

The temperature

Just like you can’t sleep when your room is too hot and stuffy, neither can your baby. So, keep your baby’s room reasonably cool, which will allow your little one to produce the sleepy hormone, called melatonin. If the room’s unpleasantly warm, your baby won’t be able to sleep well; they will wake up frequently and feel uncomfortable. So, instead of heating the room too much, keep it cool and dress your baby in warmer clothes.

The noise

Although getting your baby used to sleeping in complete silence can turn against you, especially once you decide to have another baby, you should always try to keep the outside noise to a minimum. If you live in a city as big as Melbourne, your nestling can probably hear the traffic and the sirens from the outside, along with your neighbors slamming the door and children screaming outside. This will make their sleep interrupted and not restful enough. So, you might want to block any noise by playing them white noise or some soothing music while they sleep. This will have a calming effect and it will give you an opportunity to do some chores without bothering your child.

The light

Even when you close your eyes, your body senses the shift of light around you, which is why you’ll probably wake up if somebody turns the light on in your room in the middle of the night. It’s the same with babies. Light can cause a decrease in melatonin production, interfering with their sleep, so keep their rooms dark during the night, as well as when they nap during the day. Block out curtains will make sure that light doesn’t penetrate your little one’s room, and that your little angel has perfect sleeping conditions at any time.

Creating a Sleep Sanctuary for Your Baby

The distractions

Moving objects hanging above your suckling’s bed, various light shows and toys that make noises are cute and fun for your baby to play with, but at night, they might prevent your baby from falling asleep, or even wake them up or scare them. Distractions like these are more likely to excite your little one and keep them alert, rather than calm them down into sleeping. This is why your baby’s crib shouldn’t contain more than a blanket and a pillow and maybe a soft or plush toy.

The color patterns

The combination of colors and decorations you put in your baby’s room can definitely influence how fast they fall asleep and how well they sleep, so don’t put too many stimulants around them. The bright-colored pictures on their walls will probably keep them entertained and happy during the day, but those pictures, as well as patterns with too intense color contrasts can keep their brains occupied when they should be relaxing and sinking into sleep. So, whether you opt for warm or cool tones for your little one’s bedroom, you need to keep those colors moderate, and perhaps the best way to go would be pastels.

The tidiness

Keeping your baby’s room clean and organized can mean the difference between uninterrupted sleep and sleepless nights for you and your baby. If there’s clutter in there and it feels cramped, it can cause uneasiness and affect your little one’s sleep. If the room is tidy and fresh, it will create a feeling of peacefulness and lead to relaxation and normal sleep. Furthermore, if you need to feed your baby or simply check on them in the middle of the night, stepping on a squeaky toy is something you want to avoid.

The comfort

The bed or crib your baby sleeps in is crucial for their sleep, since being uncomfortable during the night can cause them to be nervous and keep them up. This is why, along with a soft pillow, you also want to invest in a good mattress. Their bodies are smaller, softer and more sensitive than ours, so their beds need to be extra cozy, which means you should do some research and get the best and safest mattress you can find in Australia.

Decorating your baby’s nursery should always have more to do with comfort and allowing your nestling to sleep, than being modern and appealing to you. Therefore, putting some effort into creating a sleep sanctuary for them will mean better sleep for both of you.

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