Fresh Produce - Why would you eat foods with Soul

Fresh Produce – Why would you eat foods with Soul?

I thought I was pretty clever when I come up with a little adaption of the Acronym from the slow food movement (Seasonal, local, organic wholefoods). I try to live by this as much as possible – Eating foods with SOUL:  Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed and Local.

So, Why would you eat foods with Soul?

I’m sure most people are aware of the benefits of eating organic and unprocessed foods. Even the media has reported lately that there are no extra nutrients found in organic food, but we all know: we eat that way because of what were NOT getting! There are no nasty chemicals on fresh produce and you won’t find a list of chemical numbers on the packet of unprocessed foods. Most of it doesn’t even come in a packet! When you consume a chemical ingredient, your body is unaware what to do with it. If it can’t be detoxified it will be stored in your fat cells in an attempt to be less harmful to the body.

would you eat food with soul?

It’s really become a bit of a thing at the mo to spend Saturday mornings at your local farmers market getting all the funny looking vegetables – but why exactly should one eat locally grown and seasonal produce?

Seasonal foods

Seasonal foods are picked at the peak of freshness and offer higher nutritional content with a variety of vitamins, minerals enzymes and anti-oxidants. When you eat with the seasons you can enjoy a rainbow of colourful and diverse foods that are in tune with our natural rhythms and help support our bodies natural cleansing and healing abilities. For example in winter we are supplied with root vegetables that can be cooked in warming foods (think stews, soups and roasts.) Whereas in spring the focus is on green leafy vegetables to promote cleansing and detoxing, ready for summer when all the delicious fruits and summer vegetables are available. Eating with the seasons will stop you from having potatoes, carrots and peas on your plate all year round! (I seem to remember having meat and those three veggies a lot as a kid) Many out of season fruit and vegetables depend on waxes, chemicals and preservatives to keep them looking half edible and consequently less nutritious.

So why local?

Most foods begin to lose their nutrients the moment they are picked, so the quicker you can get them on your plate the better they will be for your body. Some fruit and vegetables on supermarket shelves were picked up to a year ago and have been in cold storage since! Not to mention some poor little buggers that have been flown across half the world just so you can have apples in December! By eating locally produced foods not only are you helping the environment by decreasing ‘food miles’ you are also contributing to your community and supporting its farmers.

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Jane (owner of Mr kipp and little Jimmy) is a mum of three boys and passionate about reducing toxins in our kids lives! She hires Eco- friendly wooden toys in her local town Ballarat and also sells them online Australia wide.
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