Guide to Buying Maternity Clothes + WIN $130 Worth of Newborn Goodies

Pregnancy is not a time to hide away. It is a time to celebrate your newfound figure and have fun with fashion.

Maternity needs?

There is no defined list of absolutes when it comes to a maternity wardrobe. This is because not every woman’s needs are the same. Our bodies are all different and pregnancy evolves in its own unique way in individuals. Some women may find that they need to invest in fewer maternity clothes and their current wardrobe works just fine for them. For others pregnancy means a whole new wardrobe. Whichever category you fall into, try to embrace your body and fight the need to judge. The way we carry is often genetic and you have little control over it.

What to look for when buying maternity clothes

During pregnancy our bodies are much more sensitive. This is due to hormone changes and our skin being stretched, tighter than normal. It is important to be mindful of this when selecting items for your wardrobe. Always try before you buy to make sure the items not only fit well but feel comfortable too.


  • Avoid purchasing items that are restrictive and leave unwelcome welts or marks on your body.
  • If purchasing early on in your pregnancy, choose a size or style that allows room for some growth.  If it feels tight early on in your pregnancy they may not last for long.

TIP:  Styles with ruching will fast become a favorite.  The extra fabric incorporated into these styles will comfortably allow your body to develop over time and should last for the duration of your pregnancy.


  • Knits and jersey fabrics are ideal for a maternity wardrobe, as they will comfortably stretch with your growing body.

TIP:  Try before you buy.  Some cheaper knit fabrics are not very thick and can appear sheer in places when on.

Breathable fabrics

  • Where possible select natural fabrics. Cotton’s, organic cottons, modals and or bamboo fabrics are wonderful, as they will help to keep the body cool and are less likely to cause irritation.

TIP:  Avoid synthetic fabrics. They are more likely to irritate and will make you feel hot and clammy.


  • Remember your maternity wardrobe is not forever. Purchase items within your budget and pick wisely.

TIP:  You are far better off having fewer good quality items that will wash and wear well, than many cheaper items that never get worn.


  • Stick with the essentials like maternity tights, tank tops or T-shirts, a wrap dress and a good pair of maternity jeans.
  • Spend a little more on quality durable items that can be mixed and matched with your existing wardrobe.

TIP: Pair key maternity pieces with your favorite jacket, cardigan or blazer. Add a scarf, bag or fun piece of jewelry to the outfit to give it some personality.

A maternity outfit does not need to be boring. You are only limited to your imagination.


  • Good maternity underwear and maternity bras are essential and will build the foundation of your wardrobe. Good maternity bras and underwear will change the way you look and feel. It will help contribute to good posture, great shape, form and comfort.

TIP:  Spend some time researching maternity bras. Not all bras are created equal and will offer you different things. Choose wisely depending on your needs and lifestyle.

It is our recommendation that a professional bra fitter in store fits you. This way you can be assured that you are wearing the correct size and they can also give you advice for which style of bra will work best for your needs.


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