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Check our our friends links page for other organic brands and companies that we love! Growing a human is hard work so mum-to-be deserve to know everything they can about the precious little human growing inside them and how to care for that little bean that will one day grow to become a gorgeous part of our society.. We supply everything you need to know so you dont need to search high and low to find out what you need to know about cotton that is organic, natural, safe and eco friendly.

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Top Reasons Why Organic Cotton is Best for Your Baby

Have you been considering dressing your baby in pure organic cottons and wondering whether it’s worthwhile? After all, what difference does organic cotton really make? The answer may surprise you. Not only is organic cotton better for your baby, it’s also better for the environment and for farmers. Here’s our top reasons why organic cotton is best for your baby!

Protecting your baby from harsh chemicals
During the production of non-organic cotton, lots of harsh chemicals and pesticides are sprayed onto the cotton plants. These chemicals have been directly linked to cancer, neurological impairment and reproductive problems. By opting for organic cotton, you’re protecting your baby from exposure to harmful materials.

Less likely to irritate your baby’s skin
Organic cotton is all natural, breathable and super soft to the touch. This means that it is gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin. Organic cotton won’t chafe or irritate, and it will help dramatically if your little one has eczema, dermatitis or skin allergies.

Organic cotton is more durable
Because organic cotton is chemical-free, the material tends to be tougher. Modern farming methods for cotton is very chemical-intensive, and these chemicals break down the cotton fibres and make them more susceptible to wear and tear. Organic clothing will last longer so you won’t keep having to buy replacements.

More environmentally friendly
By choosing organic cotton, you aren’t supporting the use of heavy chemicals. These chemicals are bad for the environment, and are polluting the air, ground and precious water supplies. In fact, organic cotton causes 98% less water pollution than common cotton and releases much less carbon dioxide into the air.

GMO free
Genetically modified organisms, otherwise known as GMOs, are used in modern farming everyday. Research has shown these genetically modified crops to be seriously harmful to our health and cause organ damage and other health issues. Organic cotton is completely free of GMOs.

Social responsibility
The farmers who produce cotton are susceptible to the harmful effects of the chemicals and GMOs that are used to farm cotton. In fact, many farmers die every year from work-related health problems. By removing your support from the cotton industry and only supporting organic, you can feel better knowing that caution and care was taken to produce your children’s clothing.

Put your baby’s comfort first
All in all, organic cotton is the superior choice in material to protect your baby’s health and make sure they are always comfortable. Soft materials, no chemicals and no skin irritation all add up to one happy, healthy, thriving baby.

Make the switch to organic cotton today and we’re sure you’ll see the outstanding difference in quality.

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As a new parent, your first instinct is often to take care of your little one and provide the best possible care for them. Sometimes, we neglect ourselves in the process. Our friends over at Mama Hippie have some amazing new mumma services and tips to help you out!

Another life adjustment… You don’t need chemicals for the squeak in your clean.

Cleaning without chemicals!
When you enter the crazy, uncharted waters of motherhood, your perspective on the simple things such washing can alter in ways you never before contemplated. Pre-children, you soaked your whites for a week, hand washed your designer bras, scrubbed and starched cuffs & collars, removed the occasional red wine stain on your husbands business shirt from his Friday work drinks and a chilli oil stain on your chinos from your lazy Sunday morning Yum Cha session with your girlfriends. It was easy. It took time, but you liked things to be perfect and let’s face it – what else were you doing? When deciding on a detergent to use, price was no issue, but the packaging had to be pretty – it had to look good when it was sitting on your perfectly clean, uncluttered and laundry free benches.

Washing would never be the same again.
Now at the forefront of your sleep deprived brain you ‘re wondering which laundry detergent will clean up vomit, nappy blow outs, weet-bix cement, soured nipple pads, footy socks, muddy knees and grass stains with minimal effort from you. As is the cost and your young family’s exposure to chemicals. Cleaning without chemicals can be done. A consideration high on your list if one of your little cherubs has eczema, dermatitis or any other allergic reactions. Did you know the chemicals contained in traditional laundry detergents reside in the fibres of our clothing and are absorbed straight into our bodies – we then top up those chemicals every time we wash our clothes. *Insert gasp of horror here*

Enter SOAPBERRIES!! – 100% organic, completely natural, hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal! You wont believe how simple they are to use and they actually work – I’ve tested them on my tribe! Check below to see what happens when they hit water (its freeeeakin amazing)!!

These little guys are as close to nature as you can possibly get – simply picked from the ‘Sapindus Mukorossi’ tree and dried in the sun, they’re ideal for all the sensitive skins and souls in your home…even the dog – they are great for nits and fleas too ! Being grey water and septic safe, the environment loves them as well… jeeeezzzz they’re practically the equivalent of sliced bread.

If all of the above wasn’t enough reason to make the switch, they’re over half the price of their chemical counterparts. A years’ worth of washing, (over 365+ loads) for $39.00!!  BOOM!

Your skin will thank you. The environment will thank you. Your back pocket will thank you and they will still look pretty on your (now hideously cluttered) laundry bench!

Soapberries organic baby clothing wash


Find out more on Soapberries here –

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There are numerous ways you and your family can implement toxic free practices in your everyday life. A great place to start is by changing what you put on your family’s skin. Why organic cotton? Babies skin is very delicate and adsorbs the toxic chemicals & pesticides in ordinary clothing very easily. Read more about the dangers lurking in your baby’s clothes.

Organic baby clothes are made from 100% natural resources. In other words, you don’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals or other potentially harmful substances touching your baby’s skin. And as a bonus, the 100% natural material is safer for our environment.

So you have ordered a bunch of new organic clothes for your children, what now? You might be wondering how to take care of them.  You’ve gone through the extra effort to buy safer clothes… you certainly don’t want to ruin them by using the wrong products or laundering procedures – Read our article on How To Wash Organic Baby Clothing.

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