why i buy organic clothing for my babies

Why I Buy Organic Clothing for My Babies

Why i buy organic clothing for My babies – When I was pregnant with my first I just bought clothes that looked stylish and cute. I didn’t really bother about the fabric that the clothes were made of because to tell you the truth I didn’t know anything at all about it. Only when my son began to break out in skin rashes quite regularly i started researching things to get to the bottom of it. The doctor gave me creams which seemed to help for a while but the rashes always came back.

I read about organic baby clothes being a more breathable material that allows moisture to escape. The clothes I had bought were probably retaining moisture which was causing the allergy. While talking to other mothers I learnt that synthetic fabrics use chemical fibers and dyes that could affect the tender skin of babies.

I went through my son’s clothes and removed all the polyester / synthetic clothing. I realized that once I stopped dressing him in those clothes the rashes slowly went away. I was really happy to say the least. So when I was carrying my daughter I resisted the temptation to buy all those colorful department store clothes and concentrated on buying clothes that use organic cotton only. It did cost slightly more but i still had some unisex clothes left over from baby #1 that i used as well. Another thing i noticed was organic baby clothes seem to last alot longer than normal clothes! Is it just me or do they really last longer?!

why i buy organic for my baby

Since my boy had rashes due to my ignorance I made sure to learn all about organic clothing. Organic clothing is suitable for babies not only to prevent skin issues and allergies but to also prevent any respiratory issues for the developing child. As I look at my 5 and 3 years olds, healthy and happy, I am glad that I chose only organic clothing and resisted buying normal cotton. In fact I have become such a fan of organic after I began to dress my children in organic clothing that I even went ahead and bought clothes with organic wood buttons and organic rubber lining! haha a bit overkill i know but i cant get enough!

Every time I go to buy new clothes for my children I learn something new and this time I got to know that organic clothing is treated with organic bleach and the color used is also organic. I have been passing all this information on to my sister who is expecting twins and she simply loves the thought of providing her babies with soft, lightweight and well ventilated clothing. Every mother wants to protect her child and i think buying the purest organic clothing is a step in the right direction.


Did you know?
Since organic clothing material is made from natural fibers, the material can be Organic Silk, wool or cotton; it has strict criteria that needs to be adhered to for it to be certified organic. . . Cotton fields are also sprayed with pesticides that are known to cause cancer…No pesticides or herbicides are used in the fields where cotton for organic cotton fiber is grown.


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