Top 4 Reasons You Should Choose Ethical Fashion

Longer lasting

Ethically made organic clothing has soft natural fibers since it hasn't been treated with harsh chemicals and pesticides. Without the harsh chemicals, the threads remain healthier and softer, making a more durable and silky smooth end product! If you invest in some ethical baby clothes in gorgeous neutral colors, then they will last for many seasons and babies to come. If you take a stand and cut back on mass-produced consumerism, you'll do more for the earth too, yay!


Quality over quantity

As a sustainable brand, we care about our waste which means when we’re on the hunt for new resources; we’ll be looking for quality materials, doing so means that your clothes will last much longer than a mass-produced retail chain. We are dedicated to providing you with purposefully designed products made ethically and sustainably. Our focus is to give you a long-wearing high-quality product, which, in reality, can save you money in the long run.


You’re looking after those who make your clothes

For many, many years the fashion industry has underpaid and taken advantage of its workers to keep costs low, usually in developing countries. Choosing ethically made means you’re picking a brand that supports its workers, here and overseas. Ethical brands will ensure safe living and working conditions, clean water, and higher wages.


You can read more about our ethical standards here - Aster & Oak Ethical & Fair-Trade Standards.


You’re making a huge difference to the planet. 

Fast fashion leaves a substantial environmental impact on the world, one that last years after the clothing has been purchased and then long forgotten. It has long-lasting effects on landfills, power & water consumption, not to mention the extreme pesticides and insecticides used in growing cotton, which has a devastating impact on the workers and surrounding villages' health and well-being.

The chemicals are also interwoven into the fabric's genetics and can be a massive irritant to people with sensitive skin and especially babies.

It's safe to say that by choosing an ethical fashion brand, you're choosing to take a stand against this kind of environmental impact. Are you ready to take a stand with us?

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