Organic Baby Wraps & Swaddles

Organic Baby Wraps in Australia

Our much-loved cotton jersey wraps are an essential for your little one. They are the ideal size for swaddling or perfect just as a cosy blanket to snuggle up to for all ages!

Our organic baby wraps and swaddles are made from pure 100% organic cotton jersey, which not only delivers environmental benefits but also provides durability and luxurious softness to assist with a good night’s sleep.

With the softest, safest materials and dyes used, you can rest assured that these gorgeous pieces do absolutely no harm – only loving care and quality goodness that makes life that little bit more beautiful. 

Make Life Easier With Quality Newborn Jersey Wraps and Swaddles

It’s no secret that the first few months of parenthood are a challenge – which is why having the right gear matters. With our lovingly designed baby wraps and swaddles, you can be confident that your little one will be kept warm, snug and comfortable in their first early stages of life.

We use soothing 100% organic cotton materials, which are super supple, stretchy, and treated with non-irritating, non-toxic dyes. Producing the natural shades and hues that Aster & Oak is so well known for, these eco-friendly treatments hold their look and feel as pieces are washed, worn, and eventually stored away until the next generation arrives. 

These classic prints and hard-draw illustrations ensure that, no matter how many generations of kids inherit these pieces, their beauty and quality stands strong. Be sure to check out our collection of heirloom blankets for more delightful family keepsakes, to be cherished by all.

Do babies need to be swaddled?

A question that many new parents ask us is ‘do babies need to be swaddled?’ As always, the answer depends on a variety of factors, as well as your own preferences. For the most part, however, we would recommend it, and here are a few reasons why.

Aside from providing the kind of warmth and comfort that mimics the womb, wraps and swaddles also protect and support little ones as they grow. When correctly cocooned, the stretchy material allows babies to safely move their arms and legs, while keeping little fingernails from scratching their sensitive skin. The gentle pressure created by our stretchy cotton jersey also helps to keep their hips in alignment. This is an important step that makes walking that much easier, so it’s worth doing it right.

Feel free to pair our swaddles with baby knitwear and adorable onesies to create cute looks that are as gorgeous as they are practical. If you’re on a budget (or just love a good bargain), there are plenty of affordable baby clothing on sale to snap up – while stocks last!

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