What Clothes Will I Need for My Newborn Baby?

If you’re expecting a newborn soon, then you’ve probably thought about what kind of clothes you’ll need to prepare. From the day they’re born to the moment you take them home, it’s always a good idea to have some clothes prepared for your baby so that they can feel warm, comfortable and cosy. But what exactly should you prepare? What kind of clothes are ideal for newborns?

Here’s our list of clothes that your newborn will need for their first three or four months.

What Clothes Will I Need for My Newborn Baby?

Tops and tees (5-6)

Tops and tees are the most essential piece of clothing for a baby. They’re great for both day and night, and they’re perfect for all weather. Have around five to six different tops and tees for your baby so you can rotate them throughout the week, but also have some spares in case they get dirty. Just to note, they do have a tendency to roll up, so tucking them into pants can help, otherwise just switch to a onesie or zip romper for the ideal comfort piece!

Bottoms (5-6)

Remember to get some baby bottoms and pants to go with those tops and tees! You can mix and match these throughout the week–just make sure you get an equal number as your tops and tees! Something with a super stretchy elastic waistband is best for comfort and easy changes.

Zipsuits and rompers (5-6)

Zipsuits and rompers are safe, warm, and comfortable. Your baby is basically going to live in these for a few months. The two way zip design on our zip rompers makes it really easy for you to dress or change a newborn, especially for those night changes when you don't want to wake bub.

Bodysuits and onesies (2-3)

Onesies and bodysuits are an essential item for keeping your newborn warm and cozy throughout the day and night. They are one-piece garment made from soft and comfortable materials, such as 100% cotton, specifically designed for your baby's sensitive skin. With their full-body coverage, onesies provide excellent warmth and help regulate your newborn's body temperature. You can also layer them comfortably under other clothing for extra warmth.

Jumpers and cardigans (2-3)

If the weather’s getting a bit chilly then Jumpers and cardigans can be a really good choice. They’re made with thicker materials to hold in more heat, but you can also get thinner cardigans and jumpers if you find that your newborn likes them, but you want to ensure they don’t get too hot. They’re also good for layering on top of onesies, zipsuits, and other clothing.

Other clothes / accessories to consider:

We consider all of the above to be essentials, but here are some extra handy items to have on hand as well.

  • Hats and beanies - A hat or beanie can be a great addition if the weather is a bit chilly, or if the sun’s out and you want to give your newborn a bit of extra protection.

  • Socks - Newborns don’t always need socks and there are often clothes that include socks or something to cover their feet. However, if the weather’s a little chilly or you want to give them a bit more protection around their feet, then socks are a good addition.

  • Mittens - Newborns tend to scratch their faces unintentionally, so having a pair of mittens will help keep their hands covered and prevent any accidental scratches.
  • Dresses - A baby dress is a great choice if you’ve got a baby girl and you want to dress them up for a family occasion.
  • Swaddles & Baby Wraps - Swaddling can provide comfort and a sense of security for newborns. Have a few lightweight, breathable blankets on hand for swaddling or for use as a shade or nursing cover.

    To Note: Remember to wash all the clothes and bedding with a gentle, baby-friendly detergent before use. Also, keep in mind that newborns grow quickly, so having a few different sizes on hand can be helpful. Lastly, consider the weather and temperature in your area when selecting clothes, as newborns are more sensitive to extreme heat or cold.
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