5 Eco-friendly Christmas Activities

With Christmas right around the corner, the kids are finishing up school and you’re getting to spend some much-deserved family time together after what has been a crazy year. We’ve put together some great activities you can enjoy together while also making a few changes to what’s on offer and going a little greener this year.


Green Christmas Wreath

This is such a great activity because not only do you get to spend time putting them together, but you also get to enjoy each other’s company while you go outside and explore the area for materials. Head out to your own backyard or venture further to your nearest park or nature reserve. On top of the goodies you’ll collect, you’ll need some twine and an old wore coat hanger. The only limit here is your imagination.


Lavender Play dough Snowmen

Not only is this a great Christmas craft idea but for our little ones who can sometimes get overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious, this is a great calming activity. The play dough is a great sensory experience and the lavender has a calming effect. You can even use some items left over from your Christmas wreaths to decorate your beautiful snowmen. We found a great recipe here.

Christmas baking
There’s something so wholesome about jumping in the kitchen and baking with your little ones over the Christmas period. Okay, so not going to lie, there is a bit of mess involved, but the memories you’ll make will last forever. You’re also allowing your little ones to flex their literacy and numeracy skills while having a ton of fun and there is the added bonus of eating your hard work of gifting them to family or friends.


Paper Chain Garlands
Now this one is an old one but a goodie. Children have been making paper garlands since forever but it’s such a fun activity. Instead of using paper or cardboard, why not use things you have lying around your homes, such as old newspapers or magazines. You can even use some of your little one daycare/school paintings for something a little extra special. You’ll just need the addition of scissors and glue and you’re ready to go.


Wine Cork Reindeer
Now, this is a great one if you have some old wine corks laying around (I know I do). This is such a fun activity to do and being a Mum or Dad we usually have most of these things lying around the home. To make them even more Eco-friendly, you can swap out the pipe cleaners and googly eyes for materials and twigs you would find in the garden. They make for great tree ornaments that everyone can admire and also excellent gifts for the grandparents.

Most importantly, enjoy this time together. 2020 was a year like no other, so eat all the yummy food, stay up late, and have a fantastic holiday!

From the Aster & Oak Family, we want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! x

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