Plastic Vs Timber Toys For Christmas

There is something so special about watching your little one play with a handcrafted timber toy. So much time and love go into making these unique little pieces. Wooden toys have never really gone out of fashion and remain an integral part of homes, schools & daycare centers worldwide. So how do they shape up against plastic toys in the home? Let's have a look!

Why wooden?

If sourced correctly, wooden toys should be sustainably sourced, so they are a far more environmentally friendly option over their plastic counterparts. Wooden toys are also biodegradable and can be recycled which is an absolute win in our book. Sustainable timber toy brands also consider their environmental impact with the paints they use or don't use, which is another tick in our book.

The creation of wooden toys, particularly when created by hand using sustainably sourced and certified materials, offers a perfect alternative to many mass-produced plastic toys, containing harsh chemicals and often offering no environmental consciousness. Wooden toys also bring children a direct connection to nature and the world around them.

Wood doesn't overstimulate

Wooden toys have both a calming and stimulating effect on our little people. Timber will replicate nature and set our minds and bodies at ease while also allowing children to overcome negative feelings easily while stimulating creativity. What could be better than that?


They survive even the harshest of play.

It's no secret that our little one's toys have to withstand a battering throughout their lifetime, between being thrown all over the place and left outside in the weather. Plastic toys are often laden with unnecessary chemicals and run the risk of turning brittle and breaking if left outside or thrown around during play. If there is added electrical functionality, you can risk this malfunctioning with rough play, resulting in a few tears plus risks. On the other hand, Wood can endure even the most challenging play meaning these will last your family for generations to come, minus all the nasties that can go along with plastic and harsh chemicals.

Wooden encourages their imagination.

With all the bells and whistles available to children these days, timber can bring things back to basics. Lights and sounds serve their purpose, but they don't encourage children to use their imagination. Introducing wooden toys to your regular rotation will enable them to let their imaginations run wild.


Wooden toys minimize risk.

Again, mass-produced plastic toys can be made very cheaply, so it's a risk that they can potentially break, leaving shape edges, small pieces, or even batteries that can cause your little one harm. Timber, while not entirely free from risk they offer a safer alternative, especially for those little ones who love popping everything in their mouth.

Like everything, it's always a great idea to do your research and be informed with the choices on the market.

Photo by @my_darling_chaos instagram

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