Creating a Safe and Serene Playroom for Your Child

Having children is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, but having kids and raising them are two completely different things. It all starts when they’re babies and you have a strong motherly instinct to protect them at every turn, but also not be too invasive of their surroundings and keep them in a bubble.  Creating a safe and serene playroom for your child is a great way to start putting that motherly instinct to work and creating a space that is the most joyful place in the world for them.

Baby Proof everything

Having an infant is all fun and games when you can sit and stare at them all day long while they are stationary. They laugh and smile and love you because you give them food and comfort, but once your baby start crawling, this is when the real fun begins. Suddenly, they’re all over the place and you can’t keep track of them or know where they are half the time. Making sure their playroom is 100% baby proof is a must!

Check the door & doorways

Having a completely safe playroom is amazing, but it’s still not enough if the rooms outside are unsafe or if there are stairs nearby. If your children can open it and easily wander into the rest of the home, you'll need to do something to enhance door security. Installing a baby gate is neither hard nor too expensive, and you can probably do it on your own in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, fix the handle or install a new one that’s harder to open unless you’re an adult, and you’ll effectively raise the level of safety in your child’s room right away.


Think about security

It may sound like taking things too far to some, but some parents just don’t want to risk it. They want to make sure their children don’t get into trouble or get injured when they’re not with them. That’s why security cameras or a baby monitor are ideal for those cautious parents that don’t want to risk anything happening to their little ones. Apart from that, having house and contents insurance will help you to feel more secure in your home. More families opt for this kind of insurance because they want to protect their property and belongings.

Use healthy materials

We all know children love to explore and touch things they shouldn't. We hide all of the chemicals and cleaning sprays because they are made from dangerous materials, but did you know toys can also be made of chemical laden materials too, such as plastics, lead and vinyl. These materials often include harmful chemicals and paint that can be harmful to your child’s health, especially if your babe is chewing on them – and that’s something all kids do! So, when purchasing toys or snuggly's, make sure to look at where they are made and what from. Making sure they’re safe materials and fabrics like hospital grade silicone or organic cotton.

No more clutter

Having lots of toys is every child’s dream, but it’s also every parent’s nightmare, since it’s usually them who have to clean everything up after the playtime is over. Teaching your kids at an early age to start tidying up after themselves, will save you time in the years to come. Designate a storage area for their toys and make cleaning up a mandatory step you both need to take as soon as they’re done playing. This way, your children will learn how to be responsible and their room will never be too cluttered. Still, you’ll have to DE-clutter the area every once in a while, but this will be child’s play – pun intended – if you include your loved ones in the process as well.

Protecting your kids and keeping them safe is something you can’t nor should do forever, so giving them a safe play area, teaching them how to be safe on their own and encouraging them to look after their siblings and friends is the best way to make sure they become responsible grown-ups who’ll know how to keep their own children safe one day.

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