The Eco Friendly Nursery Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Learning you’re pregnant is one of the most wonderful moments of your life and sharing the news with your partner means spreading positive and empowering energy between expecting parents. This also means some things are going to change in your life as you’ll have to become a much more responsible individual. Babies require lots of care and you basically need to create an entire new micro-system for them inside your own home. Designing and building a nursery is an important task that has to be done well, sensibly and in accordance with certain rules. If you too want your child to start its life in a natural, organic and non-toxic space, here is our ultimate Eco friendly nursery guide.

Keep them healthy
Newborns are delicate and can’t do anything on their own, which is why they need to be under constant supervision. However, if they spend their entire day stuck inside a room that’s inadequate, they can easily ruin their health and experience lifelong consequences. Keeping a child safe and healthy is vital, and only a non-toxic environment is the way to go.

What most people don’t realize is that toxins in their home can damage a child’s health without them even knowing it. Newborns are prone to allergies and have no immune system to protect them, so something that adults don’t mind can potentially be dangerous to them. Harmful toxins such as lead, arsenic and fluoride can affect a child’s brain development even though the parents don’t notice it – therefore, creating a toxin-free environment is absolutely vital.

Where, when and how to start?
Before equipping a nursery with all the Eco Friendly paraphernalia ever, there are a few decisions you need to make first – where will you set it up, how will you furnish it and when should you begin the entire process? The best solution for a nursery is a spare bedroom – that way, the child can be autonomous, yet still close to you, while their things won’t disrupt the already established order in your home. If that’s not an option, the baby can sleep in a crib in your own bedroom, but keep in mind that this isn’t a sustainable solution in the long run.

Speaking of the time frame, the rule of thumb is quite simple: the sooner the better. The minute you learn you’re pregnant, start thinking about the nursery because you never know how difficult your pregnancy is going to be and whether you’ll have to be on bed rest for the most part. So, find the space right now and start decorating it!

Repainting the nursery
Once you’ve picked the space, clean and repaint it first. Using VOC-free paint is essential if you wish to avoid toxic materials all around your child, so pay attention to which paint you’re buying. Though most parents focus on the colors and whether they’re going to suit the baby, they should focus on the paint itself and opt for baby-safe options only.

The same goes for purchasing brushes and other equipment – literally everything needs to be toxin-free if you want to achieve the best results. Also, repaint the nursery as soon as possible so that all the smells evaporate long before your baby arrives, just in case. Finally, if you wish to reuse old furniture, make sure you’re repainting the wood with low-VOC finishes as well.

Picking the right pieces
When it comes to decorating a nursery, you must go all in – besides a cute little crib, a comfortable mattress and proper pillows, sheets and bedding, you need to add a ton of fluffy new toys and accessories that will make your bundle of joy occupied all day long. Of course, all of these should be non-toxic, so pay attention when purchasing the materials. Organic bedding and sheets can be a bit pricier than other options, but they’re made from high-quality cotton and will surely make your baby more than happy.

When choosing furniture for the nursery, follow the eco-friendly principle again and pick only the pieces made from natural wood and organic materials such as bamboo or organic cotton. These don’t contain any toxins or harmful chemicals and won’t therefore endanger your newborn’s health. In the end, top the new nursery off with a decorative and natural jute rug that will look amazing. Also, it provides your baby with much-needed support and comfort when it’s crawling.

Finally – the toys!
Every child loves toys, so when buying them for your kid, find the ones that are made from natural materials – again, organic cotton, bamboo and even silk is something all parents prefer – and free of toxins. These could also be washed with your baby’s clothes and, as soon as you learn how to do this in an organic way, you can get your children some eco-friendly toys and watch them play for hours!

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