Get Your Australian Designed Baby Blanket

Bringing a baby into the world is such an exciting and memorable time, and it’s only natural for loved ones to want to spoil the new arrival. Whether you’re shopping for a friend or a family member’s baby, or you want a little something special for your own child, super soft baby blankets are a must-have for newborns. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why quality baby blankets are such a great investment.

Cosy Comfort

First, the best baby blankets Australia have to offer are very soft and cosy, giving families the peace of mind that their precious babies are as comfortable and content as possible. From car rides to bedtime, a soft and cosy heirloom blanket comes in handy and makes both babies and parents happy.


Pure Organic Cotton

Another advantage of an Aster & Oak organic heirloom blanket is that they are made from100% natural organic cotton, which is better for a baby’s soft, sensitive skin. Many parents of babies with skin conditions, like eczema or rosacea, appreciate how certified organic baby blankets are chemical-free and non-toxic. Newborn blankets and baby knitwear made of organic cotton is softer and safer for babies, especially those with skin sensitives or allergies.

Breathable Security Blanket

Buying a high-quality baby blanket made of organic cotton offers a beautifully breathable source of comfort and security, to help babies get a good night’s sleep. Most children have their favourite blanket, which soothes their fears and helps them feel at ease no matter where they are. Check out our soft and cosy organic baby essentials here -

Gorgeous Styles

Last but not least, you may also want to get an Australian baby blanket to complement other baby gifts and wardrobe staples. There are many colours and styles to choose from, with gorgeous blankets to match darling baby knitwear and accessories. When in doubt, consider a cream or sand colour that makes a good gift for baby girls and boys, or perhaps go for a pale pink that matches their dresses and cardigans. 

Buy a Beautiful Aster & Oak Heirloom Blanket

There is so much to love about an organic baby heirloom blanket for your little loved one. With stunning pastel colours and ultra-soft materials, baby blankets and baby knitwear are truly the perfect gifts for newborns. Shop Aster & Oak for beautiful baby blankets Australia today.

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