Winter Collection of Toddler Dresses

When it comes to winter toddler dresses, Aster & Oak has you covered, with a beautiful winter collection of ethically made, non-toxic cotton dresses. As a leading boutique for organic baby clothes Australia, we have a wide selection of toddler dresses and wholesale baby clothes. Here are some of the top dress styles from our winter collection.

Ruffle Dresses

Long sleeves for winter are always in, which is why our ruffle toddler dresses are so popular. Delicate ruffles on the shoulder add a little something special to each dress, perfect for little girls with both solid colours and print options. The embroidered bottom on the Snow or Blush rib ruffle dress is especially cute, although you can also take your pick of Cameo Rose or Elderberry ruffle dresses.

Winter Dresses

Skater Dresses

Skater dresses are inspired by figure skaters and feature a snug fit on top and a flared, flowy skirt on the bottom. Toddler skater dresses are perfect for playing at home, having fun at school, or going exploring with family and friends. Aster & Oak toddler skater dresses are a great choice for autumn and winter, as you can always layer them with leggings, cardigans, and jackets for extra warmth. The Heat rib skater dress is an instant classic with beautiful embroidery. The Taffy Star pattern is super fun too, thanks to a vibrant print that matches nicely with neutral wardrobe staples.

Winter Collection of Toddler Dresses

Tutu Dresses 

Tutu toddler dresses are also in high demand for direct and wholesale baby clothes buyers. It’s easy to see why, as these ballerina-inspired dresses remain incredibly popular with parents and toddlers who share the same excitement over fabulous frills. Aster & Oak tulle tutu dresses feature regenerated nylon and a full layer of cotton jersey underneath to protect sensitive skin. We have long-sleeve Songbird and Taffy Star tutu dresses that are perfect for winter.

Winter Collection of Toddler Dresses

Browse Toddler Dresses & More Organic Baby Clothes Australia

Whether you’re looking for wholesale baby clothes or just picking out a gift for your littlest loved one, Aster & Oak has a beautiful selection worth checking out. We specialise in all-natural, non-toxic baby and toddler clothes that keep kids comfortable and parents at ease. Explore our full selection of organic baby clothes Australia today.

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