How Many Outfits Does Your Newborn Really Need?

Welcoming a precious little one can be one of the greatest things in life. While it certainly has its challenges, parenthood is definitely rewarding, and it’s also a lot of fun, especially when you consider all the adorable baby girl and baby boy clothes there are. However, it can be hard for new parents or parents to be to estimate how many outfits are actually needed for babies.

Let’s explore the reality of how many clothes you really need to buy for your newborn and what sizes should go at the top of your list.

Newborn Size Guide

Babies grow so quickly, which is why you want to find a balance between buying too much or not enough for your new arrival. It helps to understand the different newborn sizes and at what age, height and weight you can expect babies to fit the next size up.

The key newborn sizes to be aware of are:

  • Size 0000: newborns up to 4kg and 56cm
  • Size 000: 0-3 months between 3-5kg and up to 62cm
  • Size 00: 3-6 months between 5-7kg and up to 68cm
  • Size 0: 6-12 months between 7-9kg and up to 76cm 

Start With 10 Baby Onesies

Keeping those newborn sizes in mind, it's best to have 10-15 baby onesies ready to go. Most newborns live in onesies their first few months, as it's much easier to change them. Plus, you can layer organic cotton onesies with stylish tops and bottoms for a wonderfully warm baby outfit.

Baby Onesie

Pick Out 7-10 Baby Pants

Baby overalls and pants are another must-have, and it's best to keep around 7-10 pairs of pants or leggings for your newborn, especially in the cooler winter months. An ample rotation of baby pants makes it easier to keep up with all the responsibilities of a newborn, including laundry.

Select 7-10 Zip Suits & Rompers

When preparing for your little one’s arrival, opt for 7-10 zip suits and rompers. Ultra-soft outfits from organic kids clothes brands are perfect for both bedtime and playtime, and they are easy to put on and take off. When in doubt, make sure you have enough baby girl or baby boy clothes to cover at least one outfit each day, if not more.

Zip Rompers for Babies

Shop for Baby Overalls & Organic Kids Clothes

Whether you have a specific type of baby girl or baby boy clothes in mind, or you prefer gender-neutral baby overalls and onesies, Aster & Oak has you covered. Stock up on the best organic kids clothes for your bundle of joy.

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