Tips for Making Sure Your Baby Clothing Brand is Ethical and Certified

Wondering how to know if your baby clothing is certified organic? Aster & Oak is here to help with valuable information on what makes a clothing brand ethical. With knowledge of industry standards and genuine organic materials, you can find the best baby clothes this winter.

Global Organic Textile Standard

There are so many clothing brands out there, but there aren't a lot that actually offer fully certified organic baby clothes Australia. Instead of just looking for an ‘organic’ label, check that the clothing brand holds the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification. This is the world-leading standard for organic textiles, so clothing with this label & certification number is proven to be chemical-free and safely produced without harmful dyes and additives that could irritate the skin.

Tips for Making Sure Your Baby Clothing Brand is Ethical and Certified

Ethical Materials & Brands 

When shopping for organic baby clothes, it’s best to do a bit of background research and see if the brand is GOTS certified and what kind of products they sell. Whether you want neutral onesies or baby girl rompers, remember to read the product description to understand what materials are used. Look for 

newborn clothing in Australia with a 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and dyes description. If there is a certification number listed for the product, that’s even better.

Fair Labour Conditions

Something else to consider when shopping for baby girl rompers and other newborn clothing Australia is the brand's ethical labour standards. It's easier to trust clothing labels that are transparent about where their clothes are made and how much their staff is paid. Look for evidence of the brand's social responsibility such as fair wages, inclusive employment, minimum age requirements, and reasonable working hours. Safe and hygienic work environments and structurally sound factories are also important, particularly with offshore manufacturing. You can also check brands here.

Experience the Benefits of Organic Newborn Clothing Australia

As a proud brand of organic baby clothes Australia, Aster & Oak closely follows all organic textile industry guidelines. You can rest assured that our baby girl rompers, baby boy overalls, and all our baby clothes are made from 100% pure organic cotton.

See for yourself the benefits of buying from an ethical and certified baby clothing brand and browse our entire selection of organic baby clothes Australia today.

GOTS certification

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