Spring Activities For You and Your Little Ones

Spring has well and truly sprung which means beautiful warmer days out in the sunshine. So if you’re looking for activities to do with your little one, we’ve put together our list of favorite sprint pastimes that will cost you little or nothing at all.

Create a mud kitchen

Do you remember how much fun it’s was when you were little to serve up a delicious mud pie? Visit your local refuse center or your thrift shop and repurpose an old table, desk, or if you’re lucky upcycle a previous children’s kitchen and breathe new life back into them. They make for the perfect backyard activity for your little one's imaginations to run wild.

Painting flower pots

Head to Bunnings and for a few dollars pick up some terracotta pots and kids paints and you’ll have hours of springtime fun, they only limit is your imagination. These little guys make for the perfect DIY gift for your family and friends minus all the unnecessary packaging. 

Make some playdoh

I don’t know about you but my all-time favorite thing to do with my little one is making a batch of playdoh, its hours of sensory fun. I came across this awesome natural herbal play dough that’s incredibly gentle on your little one's skin, smells divine & not to mention absolutely no nasties if your little one decides it can double as a lunchtime snack.

Go for a picnic

Nothing beats a spring picnic, pack all your favorite healthy treats and head outside into that beautiful sunshine. All you need is a cozy rug to sit on, yummy food & an imagination. Hide and seek & flower picking are high on our priority when we’re out for a picnic as a family. If you time it right you can even watch that beautiful spring sunset.

Find a big hill

It’s so much fun to get messy and hours of giggly! Find the biggest hill you can fill and roll on down to the bottoms, one roll and let the dizzy giggle begin. See who can get to the bottom first. My bet is on Dad! * Don’t forget this is play clothes outing only*

Visit a farmer’s market

Dress up in your favorite outfit and head out for a beautiful morning at your local market. There is always an amazing variety of spring fruits and vegetables on offer as well as some tasty treats with the added bonus of supporting your local farmers.

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