The Ugly Truth Behind Fast Fashion

We often have pieces on ours and our children’s wardrobe that we can’t bear to part with, you know, those unique pieces that we love or hold dear. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for a lot of other clothes. There is a mindset that fashion is disposable, but at what cost socially and environmentally.

We discuss these issues not to instill fear but more to empower your decision-making process. We’re only human, but if we can all make small changes to our everyday living, think of the future we can offer our children’s generations to come.

Did you know some of these concerning statistics, sourced from - Same-Day Rubbish Removal? 6,000KG of clothes are thrown out every 10 minutes in Australia – going straight to landfill. This could fill the MCG with clothes over two and a half times every year. Three-quarters of clothing purchased is thrown out within a year.

With numbers like these, it’s not surprising why families are searching for better options and choices that look to the future and what the world will be like for our children.

Now, more than ever, we are looking for companies who put these numbers in the spotlight and strive to be better. They don’t lie down when it comes to the harsh impact fast fashion has on the planet and its labor force. Aster & Oak is so incredibly proud to fall under that category, and together we feel we can help make a difference. When companies decide to eliminate toxic chemicals from their production process, the impacts can be felt worldwide.

Fast fashion can also often mean unsafe conditions for labor. It's the environmental impact that these companies can have and an ethical & social one. Using companies who don't hold these values at their core often means the workers are not ensured safe working conditions. Usually, the bottom line is at the forefront of the decision making process. We feel safe conditions and environmental impacts on a worker's health should be paramount in the decision-making process.

So what can we do? Often we'd love to see change, but it's tricky knowing where to start. Choose ethical companies who stand for change, who want to make a difference. For instance, explore options like UpWest recycled clothing, which aligns with sustainable practices and contributes to a more Eco-friendly approach to fashion. They're easy to spot when doing a little digging as ethical will be at the forefront of their ethos. By choosing these brands, you can reap the benefits from long-lasting pieces, less environmental impact, and safe & clean conditions for its workers locally and abroad. If we make individual wardrobe choices, they can combine to create a massive collective shift. If we shop with our values and not our impulses, together, we can make a change.

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