AS AT 20 JUNE 2016

Thank you for your interest in stocking Aster & Oak in your store. Our journey so far has been an amazing one and we are so grateful and excited that you have decided to join our wholesale team!

As a wholesale customer, you are subject to the policy & terms ‘Wholesale Terms and Conditions’, as outlined below:


  • All orders are proforma (payment required before dispatch) for in-season and indent.
  • Aster & Oak will not take orders or hold stock for any existing stockist who has an outstanding account or unpaid order.
  • Aster & Oak reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order or account at any time.
  • Once an indent invoice has been issued, the stockist has 14 days to make payment. During this time Aster & Oak will hold the stock. If, after the 14 days, the stockist has not made a payment, or has not made a payment arrangement with Aster & Oak, a 30% cancellation / restock fee will be invoiced and this stock will be put back into inventory.
  • Aster & Oak products are only permitted to be sold by the named business / ABN holder and not on any third-party websites such as eBay, Facebook, Gumtree, Ozsale or Amazon or to another wholesaler or stockist.
  • As a wholesaler you are not permitted to use any gift vouchers or discount codes for your orders. Gift vouchers and discount codes are for retail customers only.
  • As a wholesaler you are not permitted to purchase discounted items such as sale products, mystery bags or outlet items from our website for re-sale. Wholesale pricing will remain at all times 50% of RRP irrespective of sales and promotions unless specified by Aster & Oak pty ltd.


  • By placing an order with Aster & Oak, you as the wholesaler agree to accept and be bound by Aster & Oak's terms & conditions current at the time of placing the order.
  • Aster & Oak products are not to be drop shipped and must be ordered and paid for prior to the advertisement and sale of said items in your store.
  • The minimum opening order for each season is $1000 AUD and subsequent orders for the same season must be a minimum of $500 AUD.
  • If a stockist does not place a seasonal order for the minimum amount required under these terms and conditions for any season, the retailer may lose its exclusive territory and risk having to reapply for an Aster & Oak wholesale account before ordering for any subsequent season.
  • All bricks & mortar stores must ensure that, at all times, Aster & Oak products are displayed, promoted and sold under Aster & Oak's standards. All garments must steamed as per tag instructions, in particular tutu dresses, as the tulle does get wrinkled, before being put on display.
  • Wholesalers can order directly through one of our agents in Australia, NZ, and Europe. If you are located outside any of those areas, you may order via email directly through us or our website wholesale portal.
  • Your order is binding once it is placed with Aster & Oak. Any cancellations or major changes must be made within 7 days, otherwise, a 30% cancellation / restock fee will be invoiced and this stock will be put back into inventory.
  • All goods are sold on exiting the Aster & Oak warehouse. The property of the Goods passes to the purchaser only after the price of goods has been paid in full.
  • Risk passes when the buyer either takes over control of the goods or the buyer breaches by failing to take delivery while the goods were at his disposal.


  • Stockists will gain access to our Dropbox of images for website and social media use. These include flat-lays and lifestyle images, along with social media content.
  • Aster & Oak imagery, photography, logos and all other material created by Aster & Oak are copyrighted. They must not be used, reproduced or altered without the prior approval of Aster & Oak and then only in accordance with the terms of the approval.


  • The shipping costs are based on the weight of the products and dimension of packing boxes as per Australia Post or courier quote. 
  • For in-season ordering (web portal or agent orders), all products are sent by either Australian post or courier and will be dispatched within 48 hours after the invoice has been paid in full unless otherwise stated.
  • Aster & Oak shall not be liable for any loss or damage the stockist may suffer as a result of any non-delivery or late delivery of any order for any reason whatsoever, including negligence on the part of Aster & Oak, its agents or contractors.
  • Any additional charges such as customs, import duties or taxes, that may arise once your order reaches your country are the responsibility of the wholesaler, not Aster & Oak.
  • Aster & Oak does not offer Free Shipping deals on any wholesale orders whatsoever.


  • We only offer orders through Aster & Oak that are paid proforma basis (payment required prior to dispatch) for in-season and indent.
  • Aster & Oak cannot offer any credit terms to any local or international stockists unless engaged in an existing arrangement.
  • The payment methods available to stockists are as follows - Direct Deposit, PayPal or Credit Card.


  • If an Aster & Oak garment is considered defective or faulty, Aster & Oak will accept a return of the item and either refund the wholesale price in full, offer a credit note or a replacement if available.
  • Aster & Oak products are made from 100% organic cotton and therefore must only be washed following the washing instructions on the care label of the garment and must not be bleached, soaked, spin-dried or hung in direct sunlight for long periods.
  • Aster & Oak will not accept returns on products that do not sell by the end of season.


  • Aster & Oak has a general price list for the RRP of its products. These are highly recommended, especially within Australia and New Zealand, but there is no obligation that a stockist must comply with the recommendations.
  • The prices at which a stockist sells, offers for sale or advertises Aster & Oak products is entirely a matter for the stockist, but we do ask that you do not reduce the prices below RRP or put the items on sale within the first month of release of a new collection.
  • Our recommended retail price is x 2 of the wholesale price including GST or Taxes.
  • All prices within Australia include 10% GST.
  • The Aster & Oak official website will not hold regular sales or promotional events. We may hold end of seasonal sales 2-4 times yearly only.


  • We have built up a lovely group of followers and would love to send them your way to purchase our products. Once you have our products in your store, let us know or send through a photo and we can do a shout-out on our social media or feature you on our blog.
  • You will also get your website or store linked from our ‘stockists‘ page.
  • Tag us in stories and posts on Instagram and we will share with our followers.


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Thank you once again and we look forward to working together!

The Aster & Oak Wholesale Team