Giving Back

At Aster & Oak, giving back is at the core of our values. We believe in making a positive impact on the lives of those in need and contributing to the betterment of society. Through our various initiatives, we strive to create lasting change and spread kindness in the world. With each purchase you make, you play an integral role in our efforts to create a better world. Stay tuned for our exciting upcoming venture in 2024 that holds a special place in our hearts. Together, we can make a meaningful difference and bring about positive change for those in need. Thank you for joining us on this philanthropic journey!

Our pledge  2024 is the year - stay tuned for something super amazing!

We have an exciting venture coming soon  Something very close to our hearts!

Ongoing - The Salvation Army Christmas Wishes Appeal

Aster & Oak supports the Salvation Army Christmas Wishes Appeal. Each year we choose a range of gifts for families in need. They range from Christmas for a family to a cup of kindness or a cosy blanket. If you choose to donate, your donation will be used to give people in need something they’re wishing for this Christmas. Your compassion will share hope and joy with those who need it most!

Ongoing - Thread Together Blanket Donations

Thread Together collects end-of-line stock and samples from fashion retailers around the country. With the support of volunteers, the clothes are sorted in readiness to be distributed to people in need through our national network of charities and social service agencies. This year we have donated over 200 blankets, baby wraps, hats and swaddles to Thread Together.

Ongoing - WWF Donations

We donate yearly to the WWF foundation to help protect our wildlife and their habitats! Your gift can help protect and save our precious wildlife and the places they call home. So many of our beloved animals and landscapes are facing an alarming and uncertain future. Animals like koalas, greater gliders, tigers and whales are in serious trouble and need your help. You can help build a future where people live in harmony with nature.

2017 - Raised and donated $2,000 to Rafiki Mwema

Rafiki Mwema are committed to understanding and repairing the intense trauma our children have experienced. Through a therapeutic parenting model, we help our children make sense of their past, train and develop our Kenyan staff to ensure our children receive the very best therapeutic care and support and educate the local communities, schools and government officials to understand the impact of childhood abuse.

2017 & 2018 - Monthly donations as part of the Constant Companions to the Leukemia Foundation

Each year, the Leukemia Foundation helps more than 750 families from regional and rural Australia by providing free accommodation in our capital cities so they can access life-saving treatment at major hospitals. Thanks to its supporters, the Leukemia Foundation is also able to provide counseling, comprehensive information, education and support programs and financial assistance to help the 60,000 Australians who are currently living with a blood cancer.

2015 - Ongoing - Donations to Indian Communities in need

Recent monsoon floods and landslides in Bangladesh, India and Nepal saw nearly 41 million people in three countries affected. Tens of thousands of houses, schools and hospitals were damaged or destroyed, with over 1 million people seeking shelter in relief camps, and over 3 million acres of crops destroyed. Highlights of our work included distributions of a large number of rompers and clothing items directly from our manufacturer to the relief team to villages across the affected areas.

Other Charities We Regularly Donate to

How can you help?

We are unable to accept direct donations, but every purchase you make enables us to donate to our charitable organizations. If you'd like to support the cause directly, you can visit the links provided above to make a donation.

Stay tuned for a very special announcement in 2024 that you can get involved in – it's something that holds a special place in our hearts <3!

Mel  x