5 Practical Newborn Baby Gifts?

When it comes to baby shower gifts, things can get overwhelming. Although there are a huge number of cute outfits calling to you, it can be a good idea to focus on practicality with newborn baby gifts. In reality, it can be a good idea to ask parents what they still need for their newborn and not get carried away with the same gifts they’ve received from everyone else. Opt for a gift card they can use when they have established if there’s anything else they really want or need. If you prefer surprises, however, Aster and Oak has curated a list of 5 perfectly practical newborn baby gifts for you to choose from. 

Sustainable Cloth Nappies 

If the parents prefer sustainable options, cloth nappies are the way to go. Nappies made from synthetic materials may be more convenient and easier to manage when it comes to mess, however, did you know that nappies are now one of the leading problems in waste? While disposable nappies didn’t really break down properly, some brands have changed the composition of their products to make them much more eco-friendly than they used to be. To be sure of your impact on the environment, however, we recommend investing in organic cloth nappies that are easy to throw in the wash and use again. 

Organic Blanket

A beautiful organic heirloom blanket is the perfect thing when it comes to baby shower gifts. These gorgeous blankets are designed for longevity, to be handed down from sibling to sibling and from generation to generation.

Organic Cotton Baby Clothes

Organic cotton baby clothes are our speciality here at Aster and Oak because they are just so much better for a baby’s sensitive skin. They not only help to keep the family sustainable, but they are completely, 100% chemical-free. Check out our adorable rompers here

Cute Bloomers

Bloomers are the too-cute option for those who just want to give a baby shower gift that is nothing but adorable. They are also super practical, too! This is because on a hot day, especially with a cloth nappy or if baby is going au naturale, a pair of bloomers can be a cool and comfy option for the park or the beach. 

Teething Toys for Newborns

Teething toys that are 100% chemical-free will also be perfect for newborn baby gifts. Although the baby won’t have teeth for a few months, these are a great gift because once they do start teething, these things will be like gold to any parent.

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