Organic Baby Clothes vs Synthetic Materials

We all know that sometimes, synthetic fabrics just make life easier. They are more accessible; they make clothing more affordable, and they are convenient. That is why fast fashion has become such a global problem and why the prices of natural fabrics are inevitably higher. Here at Aster and Oak, we understand it can be hard to always buy natural, organic and sustainable. That’s why we make our organic baby clothes in Australia the most affordable that we can, and we dedicate ourselves to spreading awareness. Did you know that synthetic materials can be full of nasties, don’t last very long and can negatively affect your baby’s skin?

Why are Common Synthetic Materials Bad for Babies?

Common synthetic materials like nylon and polyester are actually not good for babies. Why? Because of the chemical processes that go into making them. Polyester is actually sourced from petroleum-based plastics and although it is one of the most popular fabrics used worldwide, it can irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and could cause or exacerbate eczema and skin allergies. If it is dangerous to stand next to an open flame in polyester, why would you dress your baby in it?

What are the Environmental Effects of Synthetic Materials?

Synthetic materials, as opposed to ethical materials, are simply not good for the environment. In the fast fashion industry, business is focused on fast and affordable clothing. This means that quality, longevity and wellness are simply not relevant. By supporting fast fashion, you are putting your money into poor working conditions, unsustainable synthetic fabrics that won’t last (and you’ll have to rebuy and rebuy) and on top of the ethical concerns, your baby could get a rash from the materials!

Invest in Organic Baby Clothes in Australia Wherever Possible

There is another option! Ethical organic cotton is completely chemical free whilst also being soft, comfortable and suitable for baby’s sensitive skin. Aster & Oak supplies a range of gorgeous, organic cotton baby clothes in Australia. Investing in sustainable clothing like organic cotton will not only be infinitely better for your baby, but it will actually save you money in the long run because it will last longer than mass-produced clothing.

Join the family for 15% off your next purchase on any organic cotton baby clothes from Aster and Oak and make the sustainable choice.

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