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Aster & Oak has kicked off to a momentous start, and we hope you’ve enjoyed browsing our new website as much as we’ve enjoyed working on its development behind the scenes. We will soon have stock available of some truly gorgeous organic pieces that have all been road-tested and refined to perfection.

We’re parents ourselves so we understand the intricacies of dressing busy little people on the go which is truly reflected in our new collection. Brimming with the latest in style, each piece is adorned in a unique playful and whimsical pattern and most importantly is designed to be completely parent friendly (practical and easy to change little tooshies quickly!).

As parents we make choices for our little ones every day, and at Aster & Oak we understand that sometimes mummies and daddies need time out too! We know some days parenting means laughing and crying all in the same breath, surrounded by messy little hands and feet, and immersed in the crazy, emotional roller coaster ride that’s called raising children. What better way to celebrate the absolute highs and the challenges than by joining us as we share some of our stories with you and highlight some of our journey in creating Aster & Oak.

We‘ll also be featuring a broad range of other hot topics – ranging from healthy living and organic products to the latest in children’s fashion, and also ones that may challenge the paradigms of what we know (or think we know!) about a variety of parenting topics. So grab a cuppa, pull up a chair and enjoy!

In support of our relaxed and open approach we’ll be inviting guest bloggers in from time to time. At the moment we’re on the hunt for inspiring mummies and women in business, as part of our  blog series - so watch this space.

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To learn more about how our brand came about, as well as our philosophy and vision, please take a quick peek at our ‘Our Story’ page or our 'About' Page .

In advance, we also want to say a huge heartfelt thanks for supporting us across the year ahead, and importantly please enjoy eco-shopping with us!

In nurture and nature,

Aster & Oak x

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