The Aussie Summer Newborn Babies Clothes Checklist, AU

Aster & Oak is ticking all the boxes on your Australian Summer checklist for newborn babies clothes. We recommend breathable soft cotton clothing for sensitive skins and natural fibres to absorb sweating and prevent stickiness. Light, loose clothing that doesn’t cling is on the checklist, with natural organic fibres that are free from toxins. Organic baby clothes from Aster & Oak fit the bill for summer newborn baby clothing Australia wide. Our beautiful and soft styles are created from 100% certified organic cotton, and are perfect for newborns and babies alike. 

Newborn Clothing Australia Summer Checklist

Our organic baby clothes checklist is made up of soft cotton clothing in neutral soft colours that are fresh for summer. They are suitable for layering, providing options for removing or adding layers so you can allow baby to adjust to changing temperatures.

  • Choose lightweight natural cotton fibres wherever possible
  • Choose loose fitting clothing in warmer weather
  • Wear hats or cover if they are out in the sun (it is recommended that you take them into the shade wherever possible)
  • Light coloured clothes for coolness
  • Use layering to make it easy to adjust your baby’s temperature

When to Dress in Socks and Hats

Newborn babies have a limited ability to regulate their own temperature. During the warm months, it is important to make sure they are not too overheated. To cool down, babies sweat from their neck, hands, feet and head, so be careful not to put hats or socks on babies when it is warm. It is recommended that you avoid applying sunscreen to babies under 6 months. Instead, you should consider some form of wide-brimmed hat when in direct sunlight, or, preferably, ensure your baby is in the shade.

Newborn Baby Clothing for Summer

When Summer comes, you will want to get a few organic clothing essentials for your baby. Great newborn baby clothing includes at least one baby playsuit, baby overalls, baby shorts or baby bloomers, a short sleeved bodysuit that fastens beneath the crotch, baby tees, and a baby wrap for layering if it gets cooler.


Newborn clothing Australia can rely on is available online from Aster & Oak. Shop online for a baby playsuit and newborn babies clothes in Australia.

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