Trending Baby Boy Clothes & Style Ideas in Australia

Dress your little one in soft, breathable, organic cotton baby boy clothes from Aster & Oak. Our baby boy clothes and baby boy rompers feature relaxed and timeless designs in soft colours from nature such as oatmeal, forest, pecan and blue. Here, we take a look at the latest trends in baby boy clothing Australian parents can rely on for ideas of how to dress up their little bub.

Trend 1: Organic Baby Clothes

Our collection is made from soft, breathable organic cotton. Organic cotton is the best because it doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives that can irritate your little one’s skin or cause an allergic reaction. The GOTS certification in our baby boy clothes is the highest certification that exists: the global organic textile standard. The criteria our certification must meet includes:

  1. Fibres must be free from environmentally harmful chemicals
  2. Processes must reduce wastage and harm to the environment
  3. Workers and partners must be employed safely and fairly

As you can see, there is more than meets the eye to a pair of baby boy rompers from Aster & Oak.

Trend 2: Layering

Layering pieces from the baby boy collection can help you to adjust to the changing temperatures and local conditions from moment to moment. If your baby is too hot, take off a layered long sleeve shirt. If too cool, add a jumper. Cotton is breathable, making it a great fabric for layering. As a natural fibre, cotton can absorb sweat and shouldn’t become itchy or irritable. Layering is also a great style trend for matching complimentary pieces. Most of our baby boy range is made of soft muted tones and earthy colours that complement and contrast beautifully with each other. You could even try using neutral pieces with different textures to contrast with one another, such as knits or ribbed fabric with plain textures.

Trend 3: Cuteness

Cuteness never goes out of style. Our collection of baby boy overalls and rompers in natural tones, leafy prints and animal designs are especially adorable, though we do say so ourselves. Pair overalls with sweet beanies, and layer with leggings and long sleeved items in winter or on cold nights. Some of our rompers can be worn by themselves and several styles come with and without in-built socks, so bub’s favourite cute design can be worn in all weathers!


That was Aster & Oak’s preview of trending baby boy clothes & style ideas in Australia. Shop online for baby boy rompers and baby boy clothing Australia wide.

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