4 Top Reasons Organic Baby Clothes are Growing in Popularity in Australia

Using organic cotton to make comfortable, Australian and non-toxic baby clothes is what we’re all about, here at Aster and Oak. All of our clothes are 100% organic cotton and the benefits are endless! Organic baby clothes in Australia are taking over the market because they not only feel better, but they are better for the planet.

Organic Cotton is Gentler on a Baby’s Skin

Organic cotton is gentle and soft on a baby’s skin, which we all know is the most sensitive. A baby’s skin is much more delicate than an adult’s and we should treat their clothes with the same care and attention as we do their body wash, soap and shampoo. Organic cotton from Aster & Oak is extremely soft, safe and gentle. Why would you want anything less for your newborn?

Organic Cotton uses No Harsh Chemicals

Babies and their skin must be taken care of with the highest level of care. A baby’s skin is actually much more porous and absorbent than an older child, which means anything that comes into contact with their skin poses a risk of being absorbed into their system. With organic cotton, there are absolutely ZERO harsh chemicals, sprays or nasties. That’s right, all of our clothes and accessories are totally free of the harmful pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers that are used on non-organic cotton. 

Organic is Better for the Environment

As the world moves into an eco-friendlier state, people are growing in awareness of the harmful effects of chemicals and non-organic materials. Especially for little bubs, it’s never been more important to be conscious. Organic baby clothes in Australia are growing in popularity because they are so much better for the environment and the world we live in as a whole. 

Organic Baby Clothes Make the Perfect Gift

Lastly, organic baby clothes in Australia are growing so fast in popularity because they make the perfect gift! For baby showers, birthdays and to celebrate a new baby, treat Mum and Dad to something chemical-free, something comfortable and something that’s good for the planet that this little cherub will grow up in.

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