What Are the Benefits of Buying Organic Baby Clothes?

There are SO MANY amazing benefits to buying organic baby clothes in Australia. Here at Aster & Oak, we are passionate and excited about this growing trend. Chemical-free baby clothes are what we do because organic cotton, free from nasties, is not only so much better for your baby, but also exponentially better for the environment! 

Invest in Chemical-Free Baby Clothes

All babies have sensitive skin because they are experiencing a whole new world. Having spent the first part of their life surrounded by moisture in the womb, their skin can react to the environment outside of the womb, as the air is drier. This means that their skin is highly sensitive and reactive, which is why many babies are prone to rashes and breakouts. This is largely due to the chemical-enhanced world we live in and that is why we are dedicated to 100% chemical-free baby clothes here at Aster and Oak. Invest in an organic swaddle wrap or a beautiful new romper for your baby and immediately you will see and feel the difference!

Help Your Baby’s Eczema 

Does your baby suffer from Eczema? We understand this can be stressful and we’re here to help you with organic baby clothes that are 100% free from irritating chemicals and harmful substances. Pesticides and nasties in other non-organic cotton clothing can negatively impact the skin, so your little one will reap the benefits of removing these toxic chemicals from their clothing. Also, ensure natural soaps and washes for bath time and keep your baby's nails short, to avoid them scratching and spreading the eczema to other areas.

Long-Lasting & Durable Baby’s Clothes

Organic cotton baby clothes in Australia are also made with quality, care and love. This means, they are naturally much longer-lasting and durable than alternatives and can even be passed down for your next baby, cousins or friends. Organic cotton baby clothes are simply made better, so they are better. For your baby, your planet and your pocket.

Join the Aster and Oak family for 15% off your next purchase and gift baby’s clothes with a difference.

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