What is Appropriate Baby Girl Clothing for Australian Weather?

Here in Australia, we all know the blistering heat of summer paralleled with the freezing, windy winters. With such juxtaposition in weather and climate, it can be confusing for new parents when it comes to what to dress your baby in. Here at Aster & Oak, we specialise in baby girl clothing in Australia and we are here to help with what is appropriate, in all conditions, when it comes to newborn baby clothes for girls. 

Scorching Summers

Our summers can get hot here in Australia, which is why it’s important to always check your baby for overheating and let them run and play naked in the shade where appropriate. Keep their skin safe from UV however and try to avoid the hottest times of day for the bubs. Always wear hats on hot days, as well as light, breathable fabrics like organic cotton. 

Babies Cannot Wear Sunscreen 

Don’t forget that babies up to 6 months old cannot wear sunscreen! This can be harmful to them and you must avoid it, which makes the right protective clothing even more important. Especially during sleep, always ensure that your baby is not overheating and keep them in the shade when you’re outside on a hot day.

Freezing Winters

It can be a little easier to dress your newborn in winter, as it’s all about the layers and keeping warm. Babies need to be kept warm, which is why you always layer up (and then take off a layer at a time, if the child gets hot and bothered). 

Swaddling Wraps are a Lifesaver

Newborn baby clothes for girls are super cute and fun to buy, but they are size-dependent and might be outgrown before they are worn. In warmer weather when baby can’t be protected by sunscreen, or in cold weather where layering is best, swaddling wraps for newborns are the perfect option. Swaddling wraps can keep your newborn safe from the hot and the cold, and with non-toxic and breathable organic cotton swaddles, your baby will be comfortable too. 

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