Baby Girl and Boy Clothing Australian Size Guide

Shopping for baby girl and boy clothing should be fun, whether you're an expecting parent yourself or a loved one looking for the best baby shower gifts. However, one challenge is finding the right size, which may be tough considering how fast little ones grow!

One important thing to keep in mind with all baby clothes sizes is that they are all different and sizing does vary between brands. Let’s take a look at key sizing for each age based on height and weight, to give you a better idea of what size newborn babies clothes to buy.

Newborn Baby Clothes

The smallest newborn babies clothes in Australia are generally size 0000, which is for newborns weighing up to 4kg and measuring up to 56cm in height. If you’re shopping for newborn baby gifts to bring to the hospital for a little one who has just arrived, size 0000 is likely your best bet.

Another size, optimal for baby shower gifts, that families can use soon after birth is size 000. 000 is for babies 3-5kg and measuring up to 62cm. This size fits babies 0-3 months.

3-6 Month Baby Clothing

Once babies outgrow newborn baby gifts, it's on to size 00, for 3-6 months. Babies weighing 5-7kg and measuring up to 68cm will suit size 00. Then there are size 0 baby clothes for the 6-12 month age range, fitting babies with a weight of 7-9kg and a height up to 76cm.

Toddler Clothing

Newborn clothes aren't the only option for meaningful baby shower gifts. Kids grow quickly and in the blink of an eye, babies are celebrating their first birthdays and are ready for toddler clothes. Size 1 clothing fits kids around 12 months old, or slightly older and younger, depending on their size. This baby clothing size is best for 9-11kg weight and up to 84cm height.

Size 2 is for toddlers weighing 11-13kg or measuring up to 92cm. Size 3 is for 13-15kg babies who measure up to 100cm in length.

Preschool Children Clothes

As babies and toddlers grow, many families want to have preschool age clothes on hand too. The 4-years size suits kids measuring 15-17kg, measuring up to 108cm, while the 5-years size fits children 17-19kg measuring up to 116cm. Some of the top children’s clothing boutiques have sizes up to 4 and 5 years, making it easy to stock up on your favourite looks.

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