The Do’s & Don’ts of Swaddling: How to Wrap Your Baby

When it comes to swaddling your newborn in baby wraps and organic swaddling wraps, there are some dos and don’ts. Here at Aster and Oak, we are big swaddle fans and we’ve outlined some tips and tricks when it comes to baby blankets in Australia. 

Do: Swaddle until 4-6 Months Old

Swaddling your baby in a natural fabric has many benefits, such as keeping them calm and mimicking the restraint of the womb. It’s important to swaddle your baby until they can turn over to their stomach, at about 4-6 months old. 

Don’t: Overdress the Baby Under the Swaddle

Prevent overheating by making sure that your baby is not over-dressed under the baby wrap. If the weather is warm, your baby may only need a singlet and nappy underneath.

Do: Swaddle with Arms Across Their Chest

Newborn babies are usually swaddled with their arms folded across their chest. Once their startle reflex is gone, which is usually around the 3-month mark, leave your baby’s arms free so they can learn to self soothe.

Don’t: Cover Their Head and Face

Always ensure that your baby is on their back with their feet at the bottom of the cot when you swaddle. Do not cover your baby’s head and face, as this prevents your baby from overheating. This also prevents the wrap blocking their breathing.

Do: Make it Firm, but Not too Tight

Make your swaddle a firm fit but be careful not to make it too tight. An easy way to tell is if your baby’s chest can rise and fall normally under the swaddle while breathing. 

Don’t: Use an Irritating Fabric

A big don’t for swaddling is to not use irritable, cheap fabrics on your baby. Your baby’s skin is very absorbent and porous and these means nasty materials can and most likely will irritate the skin and possibly be absorbed into your delicate baby’s system. 

Do: Use Organic Cotton 

To avoid nasties, pesticides or harmful chemicals, always shop organic cotton. Organic cotton is the best material for babies because it is 100% free from toxicity and harmful chemicals. 

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