What This Summer Has in Store for Baby Girl Clothes

Australian summer usually sees new trends in fashion, as well as the high temperatures and fun kid-friendly events. Whether you’re visiting the pool, the beach, the city for a family afternoon out or you’re just looking for new baby girl clothing in Australia, Aster and Oak are here to help. 

Organic Cotton & Sustainable Materials

The first thing, which is rising in popularity, especially in baby girl clothing in Australia, is sustainable materials and eco-friendly options. Our favourite sustainable and planet-friendly material for baby clothing is of course organic cotton. Newborn baby clothes in organic cotton are popular because it is a durable, long-lasting, comfortable and soft material that is also completely free from toxic materials and chemicals. The chemicals and sprays that are used in regular cotton clothing can actually transfer onto your baby, causing rash and skin conditions as well as discomfort. Shop our organic cotton baby girl clothing here, for an environmentally aware option. 

Unisex Clothing & Neutral Colours

Unisex clothing is becoming very on-trend because the idea of gendering your baby is naturally becoming unnecessary and a more fluid process. Build your baby up for who they are inside, not what they are and keep people guessing with our super-cute unisex clothing options. Neutral colours are great for summer too because they look clean, modest and trendy. 

Unique Textures 

Newborn baby clothes and toddler clothes with unique textures are also coming into fashion this summer. Ribbed rompers and knitted bodysuits are great for cool nights, layering and they just feel so good! Treat Mum and bub to some fun textures this summer and always ensure comfort and cuteness. 

Fun Patterns and Prints

Lastly, fun patterns and prints (like animal and nature prints) are big this summer. Pair your neutrals with a feature piece and see the envy of other parents when they see just how cute your little girl looks. Shop our adorable Toucan prints here

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