Top 5 Benefits of a Baby Wrap

Baby wraps, swaddles and baby blankets in Australia are a must for parents. If you’re a new Parent, or even a seasoned pro, you’ll know just how handy swaddling blankets are in the first few months. Baby wraps also make the perfect gift for baby showers, because parents will never have enough of them. Here at Aster & Oak, we understand the importance of having swaddles and baby blankets made from organic materials, so your baby is both comfortable and completely safe from toxic substances. Here are a few benefits of the versatile and necessary baby wrap.

1. They Help to Calm Your Baby

Baby wraps help to calm your baby because they mimic the restrictive space of the womb. It may feel strange to wrap your baby tightly and securely, especially if you’re the type of person who hates constriction and you always stick your feet out of the bed… but trust us, most babies love it! 

2. Can Help the Baby Sleep Longer 

Swaddling wraps can help your baby sleep longer because they feel safe, calm and secure. They also cover the entire baby except for the head, and it is recommended you keep baby’s head uncovered during sleep.

3. Keep Babies on Their Back 

It is important to wrap up babies in baby wraps because they help to keep the baby on their back. When your baby can roll onto their stomach, around 4-6 months old, it is important to transition them away from swaddles and into baby sleeping bags instead. The baby wraps can now be used as blankets, mats and covers. 

4. Helps to Regulate Temperature

The baby wraps really help to regulate a baby’s temperature because as we said, the head is safely poking out of the little burrito. Try to avoid ever putting a hat on your baby as it sleeps, as the top of the head regulates the temperature.

5. Can be Used as a Blanket or Cover

Baby blankets in Australia are one of the top baby shower gifts because, with a beautiful organic cotton heirloom blanket, you can never go wrong! Use it as a mat when you’re playing at the park or for privacy when breastfeeding and discover the versatility of the eco-friendly wrap.

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