Why an Heirloom Blanket Is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

An heirloom blanket from Australian brand Aster and Oak are one of the best baby shower gifts because it is made from completely natural, non-harmful and toxic-free materials. An heirloom blanket is also warm and comfortable for the bub and will be needed in many circumstances. Plus, the baby can’t really grow out of it! 

What is an Heirloom Blanket?

An ‘heirloom’ item is anything that is made with good quality material like organic cotton, with a classic design and with superior workmanship. All of these factors must also stand the test of time, essentially, making your baby blanket an heirloom. Heirloom knitting patterns are complex, sturdy and durable and quite difficult to DIY. This is why an heirloom blanket is a great baby shower gift, because they are often pricey and will be used for years and years to come. 

Why an Heirloom Blanket Is the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Why is it the Perfect Gift?

Heirloom blankets make the perfect baby shower gifts because of their practicality, longevity, unisex quality, their long-lasting material and the fact that the baby won’t grow out of it for months, to even years to come. Mum and Dad (or Mum and Mum / Dad and Dad) will love this gift, as you can use an heirloom blanket in the cot, in bed, as a swaddle in winter, in the pram, while you’re out as a cover-up or as a comfortable mat. They last years when you buy quality fabrics, so they will stay in the family for generations. 

What Material is Best for Heirloom Baby Blankets?

Our heirloom blankets here at Aster and Oak are all made from 100% organic cotton. They have the most soothing touch and are kind on your delicate baby's skin, with no nasties or wool irritants. Organic cotton is completely free of pesticides or toxic substances that are often found in other materials and this means it is the best material for you and your baby.

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Our range comes in an enchanting display of earthy tones, that pair with our clothing collections perfectly and they are a generous size at 120cm x 100cm. The heirloom blankets' delicate knit pattern is just beautiful, making it the perfect baby shower or newborn gift.

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